I’m unconsciously paying for my stuff. Are you?

Often times we fail to realize that the old cabinet you don’t use anymore, those stacks of chairs you loved years ago, or those boxes of magazines you will probably never read anymore are filling up a lot of the space in your home.

According to Rent Jungle, the average monthly rent of a 2-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $4,535 with an average size of 1,004 square feet. This means that for every square foot of space you are paying $54.24 of rent per year.

Let’s think about this. Most of us have furniture, lamps, electronics, clothings, sporting goods, and appliances we no longer need but we keep because of the hassle of getting rid of them. We pile them in the basement, closets, garage or throughout the house: the I’ll-deal-with-it-later spot. But in reality, we never deal with those items and we let them clutter up our homes, causing us stress any time we see them from the corner of our eye.

The average home has over 80 square feet taken up by these unwanted items. That is $4,340 per year (that’s more than a month’s rent!) that you are paying for space you can use. Not only that, it also gives you pointless stress (and arguments with your partner)!

But what are the alternative? You can put everything in public storage, pay $100+ per month and you know that once the items are in there they are never coming out. Or you can call a junk hauler but that is expensive and many of your pre-loved items are NOT JUNK.

This is the problem that Remoov uniquely solves. Whether you are spring cleaning, moving, downsizing or doing an estate sale, we collect everything in one swoop and take care of selling what can be sold, donating what can be donated and responsibly discarding the rest – getting each item to its appropriate new home.

How much are you paying for your clutter?