Thinking about downsizing? If so, your timing in today’s market couldn’t be better!

Now that the real estate market is robust again, it can be the perfect time to sell and downsize to a more manageable sized home that fits your current lifestyle. And the benefits can be numerous; from saving significantly on monthly expenses, to making money off selling your property and larger possessions, to living near loved ones and engaging more in their lives. Clearing out and selling a home, buying a new one and relocating—whether across the street, downtown, or out of town—is a major transition that takes careful planning.

One tip you may find quite useful, especially for those who are downsizing, is to use an all-in-one service like Remoov. The company will pick-up, and sell, donate, or recycle any of  your unwanted items. You can receive 50% of the value of any sold items; a donation receipt for your taxes; and possessions you no longer want will be responsibly recycled or discarded. What better way to start off your new down-sized life, clean and a clutter-free!

Other benefits to downsizing include:

  • -More free time; being a homeowner to a large property can be endless, time-consuming job.
  • -Financial savings; the cost commitment of maintaining a home that’s simply too large can be overwhelming.
  • -Open up the availability to your home’s equity.
  • -The ability to buy or build a brand new home.
  • -Possibly retire your mortgage.

Downsizing Couple

It seems to be a national trend, especially for couples in their 50’s and older, to re-evaluate what is important in life.  Owning large pieces of real estate or acquiring ‘stuff’ is no longer at the top of the list of what’s valuable for a quality life; it seems real happiness is linked more to experiences and meaningful relationships. For example, moving closer to family members and being part of your grandchildren’s lives. Or it might mean being closer to the heart of the city, where an abundance of cultural experiences are at your fingertips. For others, it could be retiring to a warmer climate and a smaller town where everything you need is within walking distance.

Another helpful tip is to work with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). SRES® agents not only create a customized approach to marketing and selling your property, but they have the knowledge and expertise especially tailored to clients in the 50+ range who are specifically looking to downsize and plan for future needs.