Clutter Removal Day feels like a big, deep, cleansing breath. It is the day when you are finally free from the items that have been making you feel unorganized, cramped, and unmotivated. At the end of Removal Day, not only will you have more physical space to work in, but you will find yourself in a calmer, more productive mental space as well.

On the scheduled day of removal, our 24-foot Remoov truck will pull into your driveway. This truck is larger than a typical moving truck, so we have plenty of space to take everything away in one trip. Our 24-foot truck can typically hold all of the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home. If you need more than one vehicle, we can certainly accommodate you. 

Here’s what to expect on Removal Day:

Since all of your items will be organized and packed before our arrival, it should not take very long for us to load your belongings on to our truck. It is important to remember that while we do accept mattresses and bedding items, California law does not allow us to resell these. These items will be recycled. The same goes for cribs, sofa beds, air beds and recliners, and car seats. 

After your initial consultation, you will receive a break down of which of your item fall into the following categories: 

  • Consignment Sale
  • Lot Sale
  • Donation or 
  • Recycle 

Here’s what happens after Removal Day:

Our trained pick up team will then take all of your belongings and divide them up appropriately. Things that have been marked as “donation” will be donated to one of three local charities we partner with. These charities include Habitat For Humanity, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Goodwill. If you have a specific request for a charity, please let us know before pick up day. 

The items have been marked as consignment sale will go through a detailed pricing process. Our curators will price your items based on the category in which they fall, and refer to the historical sales data. We work with expert resellers and auction houses that can expertly price your goods at fair market value. Consignment sale options have a 90-day resale period, while Lot Sale items will be sold at auction within seven days. 

Shortly after pickup, you will receive an email with a link to the detailed list of all of the items that were collected. You will be able to see the breakdown and category of each piece and the status of each item. Keep an eye on this list, as it updates as items are sold/donated. This is also the time when you can expect the official invoice for the pickup. When items are sold, you get 50% of the profit. You will also receive a receipt for all donated items before tax time. 

Clutter Removal Day is designed to be a quick, efficient, and stress-free part of the process. It is a day most customers look forward to; as they are finally free from a lot of the items that have been taking up space in their homes and offices. It also begins the exciting phase where owners can track how much money they earn from the sale of their items that they’ve sold. 

Our expert pickup team is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Their goal is to be in and out quickly so you can start enjoying your new and improved space.

It’s really that easy. If you’re ready for more room to work and breathe, call Remoov today and put a clutter removal day on your calendar.