The year 2020 has brought a challenge to our world affecting the way we all work, live, and socialize. For the health and safety of our entire population, effectively all businesses considered ‘non-essential’ have moved their workforce to satellite locations, home office options, virtual collaborations, and smaller physical working environments.

To manage this huge shift in daily routines, many, many businesses are being forced to downsize their companies to stay afloat while still keeping staff on board, moving real-estate dollars to employee payroll.

If your Bay Area or Phoenix company, business, or office space needs to downsize, relocate, or close during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Remoov is a one call, one-stop shop for all your downsizing needs.

Best Ways & Reasons to Downsize

1. Save Money by Downsizing

This is an easy one and the main reason any business might downsize. The hassle of moving an entire company is stressful and does come at a cost. But as anyone living in the Bay Area knows, the price of rental space here is the highest in the nation, making the savings, in the short and the long run, pay off almost immediately.

To eliminate the stress of this monumental task, collaborating with a company like Remoov is your best option. Not only will they completely clear out your old business space, but they are also able to recapture monetary value for the items you no longer need by selling, donating, or recycling any unwanted furniture, etc.

Remoov will get cash back to you for unwanted items.”

2. Environmental Responsibility

In the rush of having to change business strategies, relocating, or downsizing RIGHT NOW, it is usually too stressful or time consuming for mangers to deal with selling, donating, or recycling their unwanted office items. Good news: Remoov does ALL this for you, at the same time allowing you to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Furniture too old or too beat up to sell or donate? Recycling it is the next best answer. Recycling saves resources from depletion and protects the environment by reducing water loss and greenhouse gases. In America, the capture rate of recycables is only about 50%. Those items that escape recycling, translate to $1.8 billion lost, in addition to wasted water and energy.

Remoov believes recycling is one of the best ways we can take care of the environment and our community. They are committed to reducing waste in the world by increasing the recycling and reuse of products. Here in the Bay Area, they work with Recology Sunset Scavenger recycling center located in South San Francisco.

“Even though it takes energy and more manpower to recycle, recycling creates jobs, preserves natural resources, and reduces toxic waste and the amount of garbage sent to landfills,” states Sunset Scavenger employee. “There is extreme value in recycling, which is one of the reasons there is such a big movement for recycling education and outreach.”

“If they can’t sell it for you, Remoov will donate or recycle unwanted items, which is the best option for our environment.”


1. When your company needs it, downsizing can be a strategic business move, and done correctly can save your company money. Remoov is your trusted resource to turn to, with years of experience when it comes to downsizing office space, saving you as much cash as possible.

2. Take the stress out of downsizing with Remoov, offering ease, convenience, no need to deal with buyers, and a tax deduction for any donated items.

3. Protecting our environment is essential for everyone’s future. Let Remoov help you make the most responsible decision during a challenging time.