Used Mattress, Broken Couch, Old Furniture? Solutions!

Some of the most used, most loved, and largest household items in our homes, regrettably do come to an end of their life-cycles at some point. If unable to pass on to a friend or relative, you might be asking, “How to throw away a mattress? How do I get rid of old furniture?” Just how does one dispose of these things? Good news, we have multiple solutions to offer. Read on!


The options for ways to dispose of old furniture are many. 

Sell: You can sell it from your front lawn (or even place a ‘FREE’ sign on it and items will usually find new homes in a single day); you can post it for sale using online forums (be sure to check out the Pros & Cons of this venture HERE).

Upcycle: Or repurposing is another viable option, turning that dresser into a couple of night stands. HERE’S a link with thousands of upcycling ideas.

Donate: You can find a place to donate them to.

Recycle: Breaking down old furniture into smaller parts and sending it to the recycling centers works as well.

Dump: This is the last option and least environmentally conscious choice, but you can haul to the city dump. 

The drawback: each of the choices above takes time and energy, which could add up quickly if you are dealing with more than one item. A hauling service that offers a combination of all of the options listed above is Remoov. Using Remoov is the best choice for your precious time and sanity, your wallet, your community, and the environment. Remoov in California’s Bay Area as well as the Phoenix cities, provides a free estimate on the cost of old furniture removal (including business or office) and the potential resale value of all the furniture you’ll be passing on to its next owners.


As posted by the Mattress Recycling Council (yes that’s a real organization!), American’s toss about 40 MILLION mattress into landfills annually. Try to wrap your head around that number, not 100,000, not 1 million, but 40 million mattresses! Thankfully we can recommend several preferable options to keep those large items out of our landfills, doing our part to help make a positive environmental impact.

Let’s share some of the options available in California first.

  1. If you are purchasing a new mattress, your retailer must offer to pick up your old one at no addition cost. For all the information on this measure you can find it HERE.
  2. The Mattress Recycling Program offers free used mattress collection sites around the state. For a listing of those click HERE.
  3. Many city municipalities offer curbside pickup. Locate your city guide HERE.
  4. Using a service like Remoov also affords you the ease of hassle-free mattress removal along with any other items you wish to get rid of. California consumer protection laws do not allow the sale of used mattresses (cribs, sofa beds, air beds, or recliners as well) but these items will be donated if salvageable. Otherwise, they will be recycled at the proper facility to help keep as much material out of our landfills, which ultimately is the best option for our planet’s ecosystem.

In Phoenix, most of the same options apply.

  1. Here too, if buying a new mattress, your retailer of choice will pick up the old bed for you. But be sure to ask about their methods of disposal; some stores will say they ‘recycle’ but this just means it ends up going straight to the landfill.
  2. Donate: if the mattress is free of stains and structural problems a few places will take these, such as: furniture banks, religious organizations, and homeless shelters. Here are a few locations: St. Vincent Depaul, Salvation Army and FreeCycle.
  3. Recycle: once deconstructed, an old mattress is about 90% recyclable.
  4. Curbside pickup: see your city’s schedule HERE
  5. Sell: unlike C.A., it seems the laws in Phoenix allow the sale of used mattresses. This of course is a great option, bringing some cash back into your pocket.
  6. Upcycle: this is also called repurposing, giving something old a new life. Some creative uses for old mattresses parts include: using the buttons and braiding for sewing projects; the foam padding as cushion stuffing; the box spring as an outdoor chandelier.
  1. And, just like in California, you also have the most hassle-free option too, allowing Remoov to take all the work off your hands in one stop.

The Back-Saving, Hassle Free & Professional Option: How Remoov Works

We Sell For You

After we pick up your items, they are sold via the best resale channel and you receive 50% of the value. A large part of our resale process includes a subdivision of Remoov, called ‘Reperch’; this is the consignment store where used furniture (and more!) goes to get a second life. More than a consignment store, items sold at The Local Flea are inspected and listed for sale online as well as in the actual bricks and mortor site. Every purchase contributes to our mission of sustainability. 

We Donate For You

Pay it forward. Items not sold are offered to charities and you receive the tax deduction. The items we give to local nonprofits and donation centers, help our community while reducing landfill waste. Many nonprofit organizations use furniture for offices, break-rooms, and meeting spaces. There are also several shelters and agencies that we are partnered with that provide household goods for families in need as well.

We Recycle For You

Remaining items will be taken to a disposal center for responsible decommission. Remoov recycles every bit of material possible. You can feel good about doing your part in being environmentally responsible when working with us. This is a good choice since many of our cities have enacted Zero Waste initiatives and Landfill Diversion plans to increase recycling efforts and reduce overall waste and landfill use.

To give you an idea, here’s a range of furniture items we take:

  • Armoires
  • Bookcases
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Cubicles
  • Desks
  • File Cabinets
  • Sofas
  • Tables

To dispose of old furniture and get rid of used mattresses, allow our experienced team to do all the hauling and responsible reselling or decommissioning for you. One call, one stop and all your troubles are over. Get started now!

To see Remoov live in action, here’s a two-minute TV news clip of our work in the Phoenix area. 

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