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“Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.”Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The earth’s environment is changing, and not for the better. The number one issue causing this phenomenon is humanity outpouring millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Landfills are one of the major contributors to this issue as mountains of trash of all kinds of toxic and organic materials decompose and release gasses into the air. Landfills have a distinctly negative effect on air pollution, nature, land, and humans. 

If people quit recycling:

  • Greenhouse gases increase
  • Fossil fuels disappear sooner
  • Landfills increase in number
  • Natural resources diminish

This is exactly why ANY and all measures taken to mitigate these factors makes a distinct difference. Every single person, business, and company can be part of the effort to make lasting changes. One local company has taken this mission to heart. See how Remoov makes a positive impact on environmental progress.

Remoov has:

  1. Upcycled 2,000 metric tons of items, finding them a new life.
  2. Reduced 350 tons of carbon dioxide.
  3. Saved over 200M liters of water.
  4. Reduced 600kg of O3 (smog).
  5. Saved 10,000 trees.
  6. Resold 55,000 items.
  7. Diverted 560,000 ft3 of material from landfills.
  8. Has a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Other environmental dangers of landfills:

  1. Groundwater- As rain falls on landfill, garbage dissolves, and highly toxic chemicals leach into groundwater resulting in serious local contamination.
  2. Air Pollution– Landfill waste contains biodegradable matter that decomposes, releasing methane gas, a greenhouse gas, that traps more heat in the atmosphere.
  3. Health Impacts– it’s a bacteria breeding ground, attracting vermin and disease, causing adverse health effects, such as birth defects, cancer, and respiratory illnesses.
  4. Soil/Land- landfills contain toxins that seep into the soil. These substances are major hazards and can last for years. Computers, batteries, etc. contain arsenic, acids, & lead which end up in the environment and pose threats to public health.





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