Getting Ready To Sell? Effective Tips To Get Top Dollar For Your Home

When preparing a house for sale, it is often necessary to make changes so your home stands out on the real estate market. Don’t list your home without any advance preparation. A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers and perhaps securing a deal. 


Every real estate agent and home staging manager will tell you the same thing: less is more! This means the biggest job you might have when preparing your home for sale is to declutter every room of the house. A minimalist setting allows buyers to envision their own style and future in your home. So get busy and get rid of anything you no longer use or want. Go room by room, organizing boxes into categories: sell, donate, or recycle.


This will help you highlight the best features of your home.


A home’s exterior is your first impression and a strong point when it comes to buyer appeal.

  1. Debris- remove any miscellaneous debris around the house. 
  2. Gutters- clean and replace any missing downspouts.
  3. Roof- inspect for any needed repairs.
  4. Driveway- repair cracks with ready-mix cement and cleaning agents for any stains.
  5. Power wash– exterior walls if needed.
  6. Landscaping- keep the yards mowed and trimmed until the house is sold 
  7. Shrubbery- cut it back to show as much of the exterior as possible.
  8. Flowers & mulch– add some seasonal flowers and fresh mulch.
  9. Stucco- clean water stains with a mild bleaching agent.
  10. Fences- mended and painted.
  11. Mailbox- does it need any attention.
  12. Windows- clean inside and outside.
  13. Welcome mat– replace or clean.
  14. Back yard or child’s play area- apply above related steps.


The best way to showcase your home is to make it look clean and appealing; a decluttered blank canvas for prospective home buyers to paint their hopes and dreams. 

Living Area

  1. Declutter- first and foremost sell, donate, or recycle any items you will not be taking during your move.
  2. Pre-pack– any items you can that will simplify the space.
  3. Repair- any cracks or holes in walls 
  4. Paint- touch-up repair spots and any scuffs on baseboards and door trims.
  5. Clean- your home from top to bottom.
  6. Valuables- place in a safe.
  7. Doors- cleaned and touched-up. Screen doors repaired or replaced as needed.
  8. Paint- only repaint if there are multicolors. A white clean space is easier to view.
  9. Carpeting- have steam cleaned or spot cleaned. Vacuum any day home is being shown.
  10. Fireplace- clean hearth and screen is in good condition.
  11. Lubricate- squeaking doors, windows, and cabinets.
  12. Deodorizers- place one in each closet.
  13. Plants- after the room is decluttered and clean add a greenery and /or fresh flowers. 


Remoov is the all-in-one upcycling service. Starting with a FREE estimate, with one pickup they collect everything that you want to sell, donate and dispose of, including furniture, electronics, decor, appliances, and more.  You receive 50% of the resale value as well as donation receipts to apply towards your taxes. Remoov is fully insured and has experience working with all types of projects from residential, to small and large offices. 


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Make sure the feeling is open, sunny, and full of life with flowers, fruit bowl, and/or plants.

  1. Counters- stow appliances and clean any stained areas.
  2. Appliances- any left out, organize and clean. 
  3. Sink- polish day of viewing.
  4. Oven- deep clean inside and out.
  5. Floor- clean and wax. If it looks old, it may need to be replaced.
  6. Fan- clean fan blades.
  7. Cupboards- tidy and declutter.


  1. Linens- clean and fresh, solid colors.
  2. Displays- keep side tables and tops of dressers clear or elegantly simplified.
  3. Lights- all bulbs are working.
  4. Windows- clean, drapes open; sunlight in. 
  5. Closets- organize, clean and tidy.


  1. Appliances- thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Stains- make sure sink, toilet, shower and tub are stain-free.
  3. Caulking- replace old caulk around the bathtub and sink.
  4. Grout- deep clean.
  5. Faucets- repair any leaks.
  6. Drains- sanitize to remove odors.
  7. Mirrors- polish.
  8. Shower curtain– simple, solid light color, clean or new.
  9. Towels- clean towels placed at all times.


  1. Garage sale– have a weekend sale to get rid of any unwanted items.
  2. Floor- use a degreaser to clean any stains.
  3. Family heirlooms– box and store here until the move.
  4. Cobwebs- make sure the ceiling and corners of the garage are spiderweb free.


  1. Make it as tidy as possible.
  2. Light- make sure all lights are working, replace any burnt out bulbs.


If the attic is a functioning part of the house, make sure the area is clean and in good repair.

Staging Tips 

  1. Whole house is dusted, vacuumed, and tidy.
  2. Open all drapes and shades; let in sunlight.
  3. Turn on lights to brighten each room.
  4. Set TV’s or stereo systems to soft music.
  5. Take kids and pets out during showing times.
  6. Serve refreshments and fresh baked goods.

The Open House

  1. Let your agent do the job.  Do not try to assist unless asked by the agent.
  2. Reminder to put valuables in a safe place.
  3. Do not bring up any household items for sale unless asked.
  4. Refer any buyers to your agent.
  5. Save visiting agents’ business cards for your agent.
  6. Write down the date on the back of the visiting agent’s business card and indicate if the agent had buyers with them.
  7. Notify your agent if you’ll be out of town and how to contact you.

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