Fun ‘Green’ Ideas To Celebrate The Holiday Season

Having an eco-friendly ‘green’ holiday season is accomplished in many steps but first one on the list is always JOY!  Do what you love and enjoy these two months most of all. The following guide will outline some simple suggestions for eco-friendly activities all different age ranges can enjoy. 

  • Create edifying traditions- these would be traditions that teach kids meaningful and sustainable holiday practices as an example. 
  • Let the holidays speak to you as it did when you were a kid- find the magic, wonder, and connection. 
  • The holiday season opens hearts as we find more gratitude, especially for the incredible planet we live on. 

Eco Friendly Activities To Do With Kids During The Holidays

The holidays are a perfect time to focus on simple, eco-friendly, crafts and activities to enjoy with the kids. Many things you already do with the kids are eco-conscious and good for the environment.

Outside Holiday Fun

  1. Playing in the snow is a great way to enjoy nature together and create memorable moments. Build snow-people, throw snowballs, or go sledding.
  2. Go on a winter scavenger hunt walk to find items like leaves, pinecones, feathers, branches, acorns, berries, and more. 
  3. Take these home for decorations or other holiday crafts. Decorating with nature instead of any plastic items is definitely an eco-friendly activity. 
  4. Families can learn about nature and winter creatures that are all around them.
  5. Have a winter picnic. A thermos of heated beverage goodness plus some hearty food snack favorites; add a thick blanket or pop-up tent and you’re on the way. Find cover at a nearby park, set up by a river and watch the water rush by, or enjoy bird gazing as they forage for food.

Reuse, Recycle, and Craft

Reuse gifting items to make new crafts; from boxes, to holiday cards and tags, to ripped wrapping paper, everything can be reused into something new.

  1. Use any holiday cards you are sent and cut out images to make gift tags for next year.
  2. Cut pictures found on scrap wrapping paper and glue them to make new cards, bookmarks, or attach them to brown or white craft paper to make your own custom designed wrapping paper to use next year.
  3. Used gift boxes can become mini villages for action figures, dolls, or cars.
  4. How to Make Paper Snowflakes– transform old magazines into beautiful paper snowflakes with this step-by-step tutorial.
  5. Tree of Thanks- have kids make leaf shapes out of scrap paper, then as the days go by or during larger gatherings, people can add what they are grateful for onto the Tree of Thanks (tape leaves to the wall in a tree shape). Give it prominent real estate in your home as a subtle reminder of all that’s important on the most challenging of days.
  6. Santa’s Sleigh Gingerbread Cookie Garland– bake a gingerbread garland.
  • Eco Friendly Activities For Your Next Party
  • 1. Skip disposables and bring out the fine china, utensils, and cloth napkins. Or pool resources from several houses for large gatherings.
  • 2. Avoid serving individual beverages. Instead, offer homemade eggnog, hot chocolate, or iced tea in large quantities and prepare pitchers in advance to set on each table to reduce waste from water and soda bottles or cans.
  • 3. Compost food scraps that can’t be used for leftovers to reduce any potential waste.
  • 4. Recycling all non-glossy wrapping paper can be shredded for the compost or added to the recycling bins. Keep the bows and ribbons for multiple uses, as well as tissue paper, gift bags, and boxes. Food packaging and containers should be rinsed and recycled as well.
  • Celebrate Together
    Conserve resources and have a greener holiday by celebrating with friends or family. This eco-friendly activity conserves energy, time, and resources while enabling loved ones to be more closely connected in a physical and mutual setting.
  • Combine Shopping Trips– Make your own list and check it twice to reduce trips for forgotten items. Find stores that sell the majority of items on that list and do as much of your shopping on one day as possible.
  • Shop Local-Supporting your local crafters, artists, and small business owners is a vital part of keeping your local economy thriving as well as being an eco-friendly activity to take part in during the holiday season.
  • Carpool Or Take Public Transit– For shopping trips and holiday travels, utilize carpooling to decrease fuel consumption and traffic. Traveling by train is timeless and serene as well as being one of the most earth-friendly forms of transport. So whether you’re traveling to reach a destination or simply to take a scenic tour, hop aboard the train as your first option.

Play Games

Holidays are about family. So gather up some ole fashioned fun games and go to it. Some of the best games require no boards or accessories, just imagination. Here’s a fun list where paper and pen are all that are required.

Baking Party

Share fun times in the kitchen by inviting friends over and pool ingredients to maximize the eco-friendly advantages of bulk foods, reduced packaging, and minimal waste. At the end of the day you’ll each have a variety of baked goods to take to your family or give as gifts.

Community Events

Almost all communities organize events during the holiday season so check the local news pages for sustainable events in your area. These might include taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or attending a tree lighting ceremony, fundraising event, or education tours.

Watch Holiday Movies

After the final dish has been washed, cuddle up on the couch to officially welcome the holiday season with a classic themed movie. A relaxing activity that brings everyone together to unwind from the festivities.

Start a Grateful Jar

Continue the momentum of the holiday season of giving thanks by leaving a jar on the kitchen counter filled with these bits of gratitude. Encourage family members to fill it with notes about what they are thankful for in the days and weeks to come. Reach in and read a few on the days that get you down–it’s an instant mood booster and reminder of what’s really important in life.

The Gift of Charity- Volunteer

There is no activity that is more fulfilling than giving the gift of charity, especially during this time of year. Service at a local food bank, donating money to a good cause, or spending time with someone less fortunate and lonely will bring both love and appreciation to the giver and receiver. Of course it is the best eco-friendly activity of all and one that is always needed.

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