Plus Top Eco-Friendly Building Materials Companies & Green Builders In C.A.

With climate change on the forefront of everyone’s minds, people are consciously taking steps to move towards more sustainable lifestyles, and that includes the home building and remodeling processes. Sustainable homes are cost-efficient and decrease the impact of harmful conditions on the environment. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Homes 

  • Cost Savings– savings will be noticed by all these factors: a home designed to save energy in heating and cooling expenses; reduced air leakage; support efficient lighting; insulation against the elements. 
  • Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions– traditional homes and buildings can increase GHG emissions significantly and damage the ozone layer. 
  • Reduce Utility Costs– by making use of green technologies, utility costs will decrease dramatically with lower power and water bills. 

Top 10 Green Building Materials Companies In The U.S.

Elemental Green, the number one resource for green home building and design resources, shared this report on the top 10 companies leading the way with eco-friendly house building materials.

#1 RENEWED MATERIALS, INC. -The company’s trademark, Alkemi, has three different lines of recycled surface material for your next countertop and it’s SCS Recycled Content-Certified.

#2 LIVEROOF -You can have a green, living roof with LiveRoof’s special plant installation system. An experienced horticultural professional will help you pick out the best plants for the local climate and design a completely unique green roof for your home.

#3 BARK HOUSE -Bark House will help you create a super unique look indoors and outdoors, using tree bark – an unexpectedly awesome eco-friendly construction material.

#4 SOLAR ACTIVATED FACADE -The concept is to create a high-performance insulation system by using wood and glass to capture passive solar energy.

#5 RAVENWINDOW -This Colorado-based company uses transition technology to keep your home warm in the cold months and cool in the hot months.

#6 BLACK MOUNTAIN – insulate your home with sheep wool insulation. Wool is a natural resource that’s been found to be a lovely alternative to traditional insulation and has countless positives to using it.

#7 ICESTONE -Makes 100% recycled glass countertops.

#8 KIREI -Kirei sources eco-friendly construction materials for architects and designers, using materials like bamboo, reclaimed coconut shells, and recycled plastic in their products.

#9 NEURIO -This Home Energy Monitor will help you find ways to save energy in your home through quick tips, real-time energy monitoring, bill forecasting, viewing past consumption, and more.

#10 FIRECLAY TILE -Based in California, this company handcrafts tiles made from reclaimed materials. They grind up things like old glass and porcelain to make their signature clay body to use as the tile base.

Top 10 Certified Eco-Friendly Builders in America

According to the Engerining News Record (ENR) who posted this list in 2020, the following on the top 10 are ranked for revenue from design or construction projects that have been certified by third-party green organizations such as U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Building Initiative.

1THE TURNER CORP., New York, N.Y.10516,560.34
2CLARK GROUP, Bethesda, Md.4394858.45
3SWINERTON, San Francisco, Calif.1944152.60
4AECOM, Los Angeles, Calif.10003384.65
5HENSEL PHELPS, Greeley, Colo.5083143.06
6SKANSKA USA, New York, N.Y.3392675.53
8CLAYCO, Chicago, Ill.1002377.00
9GILBANE BUILDING CO., Providence, R.I.3352176.07
10PCL CONSTRUCTION, Denver, Colo.2982108.40

Top Green Home Builders In The U.S.

Home Builder Digest shares the top 20 best green home builders across the U.S. Ranging from California to Florida and touching many states in between.  Builders who specialize in luxurious single-family residences. View their article here to find an eco-friendly builder near you. One example:

  • DUST is a team of architects, builders, artists, and designers founded in Tucson, AZ, known for their creations which are more like art pieces than regular homes, and their out-of-the-box approach to sustainable building.

Top 10 Green Home Builders in California 

Attaniable Home shared this list of the top 10 eco-friendly builders in California at the end of 2021.

  1. Builders Green Remodeling, Inc. is known for its design professionals who are highly skilled in building green homes that its clients can appreciate for years.
  2. Located in San Diego, Eco Minded Solutions offers a wide range of green building solutions for homes and landscapes.
  3. Elliot Homes uses only the best green practices to build homes that preserve natural resources. It will never build over natural reserves and wildlife habitats, whether they are protected or not.
  4. Go Green Construction offers attractive and eco-friendly alternatives to traditionally-constructed homes. Its mission is to reduce its carbon footprint with energy-conscious business practices that can benefit clients in the long run.
  5. Green Air Solutions has been providing green home building and renovation solutions in California since 2010 and is still going strong. It is committed to upgrading its communities with energy-efficient solutions and some of the most responsible HVAC options eco-conscious.
  6. JL Construction has served the Bay Area since the late ’90s and specializes in providing green modular construction services across California.
  7. Pacific Green Homes is a general contractor specializing in providing green solutions for home renovations and building projects.
  8. According to the Santa Cruz Green Builders team, green building is simply smart building. The company uses this concept to ensure that the projects it undertakes tick all the boxes for comfort and sustainability.
  9. Sigura Construction is a family-owned business that serves the greater San Francisco bay area. With over 20 years of experience in the construction field.
  10. Tim Lewis Communities is a certified green home builder in California. It’s known for using state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies.

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