Remoov Team Ready For 2023

Dear Remoov Community,

Happy New Year!  May 2023 be a productive and prosperous year for each and every one of you. As we begin this year, I wanted to share some of our 2022 milestones with you and tell you a little bit more about our story and mission

Remoov was born from a grassroots effort.  We saw a huge need to help people with their “clutter” especially when we realized that most of that stuff was not junk!  We wanted to create a service to make it easy for people to reclaim their space by finding a new home for their items, unlocking their value, and minimizing what went to landfill. 

I don’t think I know a single person who has time to spare – every single activity is a time trade-off that you have to prioritize: family, work, health, entertainment, etc.  This is why moving/downsizing/decluttering can be such a stressful moment in a person’s life usually coming at a time of transition. You have to figure out what to do with your stuff and reselling them yourself is incredibly time consuming, stressful, and sometimes uncomfortable when having to deal with strangers. We often end up putting items in storage, giving them away for free, or just hauling them to the landfill.

Remoov has become the #1 hauling and selling choice for thousands and thousands of consumers, top realtors, designers, and property managers.  The support of this amazing community has helped us get recognized as one of the Top 100 Innovative Sustainability Companies in 2022 and we have expanded across the United States with our most recent location in Miami, FL.

One of the things that I am the proudest of with this great community is the positive impact we have had working together to minimize waste through recommerce.  

  • 45% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by product manufacturing and the most effective way to reduce that is by extending the life of our items. 
  • In 2022 we were able to divert over 680 metric tons from landfill, reducing CO2 emissions by 110 metric tons, the equivalent of planting 18,461 trees!  

I want to thank each and every one in the community for your support and participation. Your efforts have humbled and inspired me and the entire Remoov team to have an even greater impact in 2023 and beyond.

Yours truly,

Luis Perez, CEO