Choosing between Ikea NJ and Ikea Brooklyn can be tricky. In this detailed comparison, we’ll break down everything you need to know about each store, including product variety, customer service, accessibility, and more, to help you make an informed decision.

Location and Accessibility

Ikea NJ

Ikea NJ is strategically located near the Newark Liberty International Airport and major highways, such as the New Jersey Turnpike in Elizabeth, NJ. This makes it easily accessible for both locals and those coming from other parts of New Jersey or even New York City.

Ikea Brooklyn

The Red Hook neighborhood is home to Ikea Brooklyn. It’s accessible by various forms of public transportation, including buses and the Ikea Express Shuttle from select subway stops. Driving there can be challenging due to Brooklyn’s traffic and limited parking options, but the store does offer a parking lot.

Store Layout and Shopping Experience

Ikea NJ

The Elizabeth store is spacious, with a typical Ikea layout featuring a maze of showrooms followed by the marketplace and warehouse. The design guides you through every department, showcasing a wide variety of room setups. The store can get busy, especially on weekends, but the larger space helps distribute the crowd.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn has a more compact layout compared to its NJ counterpart. While it still offers the full Ikea experience, the space feels a bit more condensed. However, the store has a cozy atmosphere, and its location along the waterfront provides stunning views, adding a unique charm to your shopping experience.

Product Selection

Ikea NJ

Due to its larger floor space, Ikea NJ boasts an extensive product selection. You’ll find a wide range of furniture, home décor, kitchen essentials, and more. Often, this store keeps a larger inventory on hand, which minimizes the need for special orders or waiting for restocking.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn also offers a robust selection, but its smaller size means it may not carry as many options as the NJ store. However, it still covers all the basics and popular items that Ikea is known for. If you’re looking for something specific, it’s worth checking stock availability online before visiting.

Customer Service

Ikea NJ

Customer service at Ikea NJ is generally reliable, with numerous staff members available to assist. The larger store size means more customer service desks, which can help reduce wait times. However, peak shopping times can still lead to longer waits for assistance.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn is known for its friendly and helpful staff. Despite the smaller size, the store maintains a favorable staff-to-customer ratio, ensuring that shoppers can easily find help when needed. The service is typically more personalized due to the store’s cozy atmosphere.

Dining Options

Ikea NJ

The Elizabeth store features a large restaurant offering the iconic Ikea meatballs, along with other Swedish specialties and kid-friendly meals. There’s also a café near the entrance selling snacks, drinks, and desserts. The spacious dining area provides plenty of seating.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn’s restaurant offers a similar menu with classic Ikea dishes. The dining area is smaller but boasts beautiful views of the waterfront, making it a pleasant spot to take a break during your shopping trip. The store also features a café near the entrance for quick bites.

Additional Services

Ikea NJ

Ikea NJ offers various additional services, including home delivery, assembly, and kitchen planning. The store also has a larger play area for kids, known as Småland, allowing parents to shop while their children are entertained.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn also provides home delivery and assembly services. The store features a smaller Småland, but it’s still a fantastic option for families. Additionally, the Brooklyn location often hosts community events and workshops, adding to its neighborhood-friendly vibe.

Parking and Transportation

Ikea NJ

With ample parking space, Ikea NJ makes it convenient for those driving in. The parking lot is large, and there’s usually plenty of space available, even on busy weekends. For those relying on public transport, several bus routes service the store.

Ikea Brooklyn

Parking at Ikea Brooklyn can be more challenging due to its urban location. The store offers a parking lot, but it fills up quickly, especially on weekends. However, the store is well connected by public transportation, and the free Ikea shuttle service is a convenient option for those coming from the subway.

Pricing and Deals

Ikea NJ

Prices at Ikea NJ are consistent with those at other Ikea locations. The store frequently runs promotions and sales, especially during holidays and special events. Due to its size, you might find a larger variety of sale items compared to the Brooklyn location.

Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea Brooklyn offers competitive pricing, similar to Ikea NJ. The store also runs regular promotions and sales. While the selection might be slightly more limited, the deals and prices remain consistent with Ikea’s overall pricing strategy.


Both Ikea NJ and Ikea Brooklyn offer the classic Ikea experience but cater to different needs and preferences. Ikea NJ is ideal if you’re looking for a larger selection and ample parking. On the other hand, Ikea Brooklyn offers a unique shopping experience with stunning views and convenient public transportation options.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Ikea NJ and Ikea Brooklyn ultimately depends on your priorities. If accessibility and a wide selection are your main concerns, Ikea NJ is the way to go. If you prefer a cozy atmosphere with beautiful surroundings, Ikea Brooklyn might be more your style.


Which Ikea location has a larger product selection?

Because of its larger floor space, Ikea NJ generally has a larger product selection.

Is parking easier at Ikea NJ or Ikea Brooklyn?

Parking is easier at Ikea NJ, which has a larger parking lot compared to Ikea Brooklyn.

Do both stores offer the same dining options?

Both stores offer similar dining options, including the famous Ikea meatballs and other Swedish specialties.

Are there any unique features of Ikea Brooklyn?

Ikea Brooklyn boasts stunning waterfront views and frequently hosts community events and workshops.

Can I find the same deals at both Ikea NJ and Ikea Brooklyn?

Yes, both locations offer similar deals and promotions consistent with Ikea’s overall pricing strategy.