Bay Local Tips For No Recycling Waste

When you work with Remoov, we do our best to find a new home for your items. If your items cannot be sold or donated, we take the recyclable materials to Recology’s Sunset Scavenger recycling center.


We were curious about what happens to your items, after we drop them off at Sunset Scavenger.

According to Jennifer at Recology, items are sorted both mechanically and by hand.

  • 700 tons of recyclable materials are “de-mingled” each day, and are placed in the appropriate sorting pile.
  • The next step in this Bay local recycling process is to sell the recyclable materials to different manufacturers, who then use these materials to produce new items.
  • Manufactures are continuously finding new ways to create items that are made from reused materials, which is good news for the environment.


According to Jennifer, “Some of the items we receive are sold to manufacturers in California, typically glass and paper. The majority of recyclable materials are sent overseas.”


Many people question whether the recycling process is worth the time and expense. Others believe the recycling process produces more carbon emissions than it saves.

  • “Even though it takes energy and more manpower to recycle, recycling creates jobs, preserves natural resources, and reduces toxic waste and the amount of garbage sent to landfills,” states Jennifer.
  • “There is extreme value in recycling, which is one of the reasons there is such a big movement for recycling education and outreach.”

Here at the Bay local hauling and selling service Remoov, we believe recycling is one of the best ways we can take care of our environment and ourselves. We are committed to reducing waste in the world, by increasing the recycling and reuse of products. It’s part of the larger picture of a Circular Economy, moving from a consumption mindset of ‘buy and toss’ (a straight line from purchase to use to trash) to one of reuse, and innovative ways of keeping products in action for much longer (a circular dynamic).


Did you know all these items can go into your green compost bin and help reduce even further any landfill waste?!

  • Greasy pizza boxes and paper bags
  • Paper coffee filters and tea bags
  • Paper plates
  • Paper napkins, tissues, and paper towels
  • Paper take-out boxes and containers
  • Corks (no plastic)
  • Cotton balls & cotton swabs with paper stems
  • Hair, fur, and feathers (non-synthetic/colored)
  • Vegetable wood crates (metal wire OK)
  • Waxed cardboard and paper
  • Wood: small pieces of clean wood & sawdust (no plywood/
  • Wooden chopsticks, coffee stirrers, toothpicksSuccess Stories - Recology


You probably know the usual recycling list: glass, metal cans, plastic bottles of all kinds. Some additional items you may not be aware of that can go into your blue recycling bin:

  • Aluminum foil and trays (ball foil up to softball size)
  • Caps and lids from bottles, jars and steel (tin) cans
  • Paint cans (must be empty or dry)
  • Spray cans (must be empty)
  • Clean, dry, empty plastic bags inside a clear plastic bag; the size roughly of a basketball (this is a big one!! Bread bags, produce bags, tortilla bags, you name it!)
  • CD’s, DVD’s, CDROM & Cases (remove paper insert)
  • Toys (no electronics, metal or batteries)
  • Shredded paper (place in sealed paper bag and label “Shredded Paper”)
  • Wrapping paper
  • (non-metallic)


Styrofoam: One of the worst items that does not decompose and is not recyclable. But if you are a Bay local resident and do have large blocks of clean Styrofoam™ (these usually come in packages that have been shipped or are protecting electronics or other large items) they can be dropped off for recycling at the Recology San Francisco Transfer Station at 501 Tunnel Avenue in San Francisco.

Other items that will go into your Bay local grey garbage bin are:

  • Cat litter and animal feces (bagged)
  • Cigarette butts 
  • Dental floss
  • Diapers
  • Glass mirrors and windows inside a double brown paper bag and smashed in small pieces
  • Incandescent light bulbs (no fluorescents or HIDs)
  • Mylar& shiny metal bags (potato chips, candy bars, balloons, etc)
  • Sponges
  • Styrofoam
  • Twist ties

Thank you Bay local area residents! We are all in this together and millions of us doing our best is what makes a difference in the long run.

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