How A Beach Cleanup Works & All The Benefits

During an organized beach cleanup, volunteers gather in efforts to remove garbage from the environment. The benefits are multiple (listed below) and ultimately reduce the effect of pollution on the ocean and other water systems.


  • Volunteers scan the environment for trash and dispose of it.
  • This takes debris away from the shoreline and garage out of the water.


Beach cleanup projects produce results. When people take a hands-on approach to environmental issues, they get to see and feel how their actions have a direct impact on the environment. 

  • Such as trash. If you can reduce your use of plastic, you reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Beach cleanups give experts a chance to educate the public on ocean conservation and marine ecosystems.
  • It’s a way for anyone to put environmental advocacy into action.


Removing debris from beaches reduces the effects of pollution on our oceans.

  • Allows any plastic or glass items collected, through proper disposal, to transform into recycled products. 
  • These projects make oceans much safer for marine life to thrive in. 
  • Beach cleanup projects are a safe way to clear debris and restore beaches to their original beauty. 


Cleanups can be created by a family, a group of friends, a business, or in honor of bringing attention to a greater cause by an organization.

  • Beach cleanups gather organizations into a team of volunteers to help with these efforts.
  • Beach cleanups create a network of businesses and organizations with the same vision. 
  • These groups can also work together for ocean and beach conservation initiatives.
  • Organized beach cleanup projects bring people together and actively engage volunteers. 
  • They create networking opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

10 Benefits Of Beach Clean Ups

  1. Save Marine Animals

It’s a horrifying fact that sealife is dying because it is eating our plastic waste. Removing garbage that washes up on beach shores allows it to be removed before it washes back out thus keeping it away from marine wildlife.

  1. Preserve Natural Treasures

Beaches are diverse, beautiful, natural treasures that are here for all of us to explore and enjoy together. Unfortunately, trash on our beaches jeopardizes these shared natural treasures. Beach cleaning ensures that everyone can enjoy everything beaches have to offer.

  1. Remove Toxic Chemicals 

One example of this is the deluge of cigarette butts. They are the most frequently littered items on the planet. Especially one of the common items of trash found in the ocean where they have large impact on the water. 

  • After an hour of exposure, ONE cigarette butt can contaminate about 8 liters of water with dangerous chemicals. 
  • Removing 10 cigarette butts from the ground saves nearly 800 liters of water from contamination.
  1. Supports Local Economy

Seaside communities almost always rely on tourism and all the accompanying activities that come with it. 

  • Litter-free beaches attract more tourists and visitors. 
  • Having clean waters helps to support tourist-oriented businesses like scuba diving, fishing, and other water sports. 
  • Thus more currency is spent at businesses near beaches and therefore beach cleanups can end up helping a local economy.
  1. Safer Environment

Litter can be dangerous. Hidden litter in the sand, such as metal with sharp edges, broken glass, and many other materials, can cause harm and injury to people when on the beach.

  1. Trash Gets Recycled

During beach cleanups, after the trash is collected a majority of it can now be properly disposed of and set to recycling facilities. 

  1. Safer Seafood

There are numerous current studies, as current as 2020, from different oceans all around the world that show levels of microplastics in every sample of seafood taken.

  • What goes in the ocean ends up inside of you.
  • A study conducted at a University in Belgium, showed that the average seafood eater consumes 11,000 tiny fragments of plastic every year
  • The chemicals in these plastics accumulate in the body over time and eventually cause health problems. 
  • Cleaning beaches means creating a healthier world.
  1. Enjoy Nature

One of the best things about beach cleanups is enjoying nature. 

  • The positive ions created by crashing waves translate into happy vibes for beach goers. 
  • Sunshine, fresh sea air, and walking in the sand barefoot all have positive effects on stress levels at the same time as stimulating healthy vitamin D production in your system.
  1. Connect With Community

Cleaning up your local beach means meeting lots of new people.

  • Positive action, such as collecting trash from the beach, by any individual, or even better large groups, often inspires others to interact and get involved themselves.
  • People are curious and hopefully will get better educated about beach cleanup efforts and make changes to their current plastic or trash and recycling routines.
  1. Health Benefits

Beach walking is a great workout. Trekking through the sand is challenging and uses different muscles from other exercises. 

  • More calories are burned.
  • Stabilizing muscles are engaged. 
  • Coordination is improved. 
  • Sand walking makes your feet stronger. 

So volunteer or start a beach cleanup of your own and inspire others to become more aware of their trash habits and how we can all make a difference in keeping our planet healthy and beautiful.

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