Things To Consider, Especially During the Pandemic, Plus A Week-By-Week Guide

Wether relocating to a smaller domicile, to a new city, or to another state, moving is always an enormous task. To reduce the amount of stress this kind of upheaval can cause, outlined below are steps to review and tackle before the big moment arrives. Solid preparation and foresight will make this adventure an easier transition into the next chapter of your life.


Moving Companies 

  1. To stay safe, have virtual meetings whenever possible.
  2. Ask about their sanitizing practices. 

How To Buy or Rent From Afar

  1. Start with in-depth research and finding reputable sellers or management companies.
  2. Google Business and/or Yelp reviews are also something to factor into the equation.
  3. Schedule video conference calls with realtors, owners, property managers. There’s no better guideline than face-to-face meetings.
  4. Reputable renters share:
  • Inspection reports
  • Highly descriptive details
  • Not only decorative pictures, but images of ceilings, windows, under sinks- the gritty foundation details
  • Measurements of rooms
  • Photos of appliances

Avoid Rental Scams

Rental scams do exist and stressful times like this pandemic could make the issue that much worse. 

  1. Best to be vigilant for suspicious listings and deals that look too good to be true. 
  2. This link offers an outline of common apartment rental frauds and scams, including hijacked ads and bait-and-switch apartments. 

Look Into Your New City’s COVID Rules 

Each state is handling the management of the coronavirus slightly differently. Best practice would be to prepare for the strictest guidelines and to be ready to manage those types of situations.

  1. Check the current rules for out-of-state arrivals.
  2. Are there mask mandates in public places and establishments?
  3. Are vaccine cards needed to enter certain venues?
  4. Set up a daily or weekly news alert from your new state and local government.

New Neighborhood Homework

  1. To feel at home and confident in your new location, acquire a real map (yes PAPER!) of your new area and study it. 
  2. Seeing the streets, parks, water bodies, etc. all laid out in front of you is reassuring. This type of tactile learning is a great method to imprint new information in your mind. 
  3. Using search engines is also a perfect way to compile a list of all the essential businesses in your area:
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacys
  • Hospitals
  • City Offices
  1. After the move, take advantage of home delivery services; this limits your exposure while you acclimate as well as decompress from the stress of moving.

Week By Week Countdown

6-8 Weeks Before Move

  1. Schedule time off from work for the move.
  2. Give notice to the current landlord.
  3. Moving Cost Calculator helps set a budget for moving from day one.
  4. Moving101 has up-to-the-day costs to help you find the right move for your situation.
  5. For best prices and flexibility schedule movers 6-weeks out. Basically there are four categories of moving:
    1. Do-It-Yourself: includes renting a truck, loading it, and driving to the next location yourself.
    2. Hybrid: You rent and drive the truck but hire packing and loading help.
    3. Full-Service: Movers do it all. Choosing which movers will depend on a number of factors, including budget and timeline.
    4. Containers- this is another option if your new property is not ready yet. This container guide lays out the pros and cons.
  6. Purge before you pack, organize and minimize. 
    1. Begin to go through the home room by room and identify what larger items you no longer want.
    2. Smaller items can be added as you begin the packing process in the coming weeks.
  7. What to do with your old stuff?
    1. Remoov in Phoenix and the Bay Area offers a one-stop service, to pick up and sell, donate, or responsibly recycle any furniture, equipment, clothing, and accessories you no longer want. Call or text for a FREE estimate whenever you are ready.
    2. Selling old belongings could bring in some much needed cash for the move.
  8. You also have the choice of purchasing or renting your new place already furnished. This could be a welcome change as part of your new start.

4 Weeks Before Move

  1. Start notifying businesses about your upcoming move.
  • Utility company
  • Kids schools
  • Home insurance company
  • Current landlord
  • Bank/credit card companies
  • Any subscriptions
  1. Give a new address for any continuing services. 
  2. Start collecting moving boxes.
  3. Set up new bank accounts if you need to change institutions.
  4. Transfer school records for kids.
  5. Set up a meal plan to begin using all perishable foods in the freezer and fridge so nothing is left on moving day.
  6. Wifi Service- make sure your Wifi service is capable and ready to go the instant you arrive. Some internet companies can mail you a kit and router to set it all up yourself with the help of your smartphone.

3 Weeks Before Move

  1. Submit a ‘change of address’ form.
  2. Confirm all your upcoming dates with moving and storage companies. 
  3. Create your packing strategy.
    1. Pack one room at a time.
    2. Labeling system: color-code your boxes to a household inventory sheet.
    3. Empty one room first, and then stack boxes there as you pack the rest of your home.
  4. Begin packing items not needed over the next month: 
    1. Basement
    2. Garage
    3. Attic 
    4. Out-of-season clothing
    5. Spare bedroom
  5. Get vehicles serviced.
  6. Transfer prescriptions.
  7. Secure a spot for the moving truck.
  8. Take pets to the vet for checkup. Get a copy of their vaccine and medical records.

1 Week Before Move

  1. Set up utilities at the new house.
  2. Take down and pack all pictures and hanging items.
  3. Do wall patching and paint touch-ups.
  4. Remove all fragile items from dressers and desks.
  5. Clean out and pack the bathrooms.
  6. Pack a bag with a change of clothes and toiletries for the first night.
  7. Day before, defrost and clean the fridge if you are taking it with you.
  8. Have a simple potluck gathering to say good-bye to all your neighbors.

Moving Day

  1. Have bottled water and snacks on hand for the day.
  2. Remove blankets and linens from beds and pack them up.
  3. After the truck is loaded, do a final walkthrough for any missed items.
  4. If possible, clean the new home or apartment before movers get there. If you’re able to hire help to do this, make those arrangements.

After Move-In

  1. Get your security deposit back.
  2. Change the locks.
  3. Check fire alarms.
  4. Get a schedule of local trash and recycling pickup.
  5. Get pest control service.
  6. Update drivers license if in a new state.
  7. Register your pet.
  8. Meet the neighbors.

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