By Joan McCreary


When we move, there is inevitably a lot of stuff we don’t want to take with us.  But with the furniture and things we DO want to keep still hanging around before the packing begins, it can get a bit crazy trying to keep track of what we want to do with each item in the house.  One trick used by professional organizers can greatly ease this stress.  We use colored masking tape to tag items that have a targeted destination.


Start by making a color coded reference sheet and posting in a central spot.  You might choose Blue for Move, Beige for Give to Friends, Green for Sell, Brown for Donate, Black for Trash, and Red for Keep Out/Important.  Or you might just choose Green for Remoov, who will take care of all disposal options!


When we start looking about for what decisions are still to be made, these colored tags quickly tell the brain that disposition has already been decided, and the eyes go on to find the pieces that have yet to be tagged.  When it’s time for packing up, it’s a simple matter to skip the items that are not tagged for Move or Packing.


Try putting a little color in your moving preparations and ease the stress of moving.


Joan McCreary is the owner of JMPO Estate and Home Organizing