We all work really hard for our money. We cut coupons. We scout out sales; look for the greatest deals, and do our best to not waste the dollars in our wallets. But thousands of us are tossing our hard-earned cash right out the door on a monthly basis. Where you ask? In the vacuum money-inhaling world of SELF STORAGE UNITS.

Yes, if you have some valuable and precious family heirlooms, or are maybe traveling around the world for a year and closing up your home, investing in a secure, air-controlled storage garage could be a wise choice despite the cost.

But what if you are truly downsizing, or letting go of what no longer brings you joy, getting rid of too much stuff that was filling your home just because you had the space? Your home became overloaded; you feel stifled and that you no longer have a relaxing sanctuary where you can rest and rejuvenate. It’s time for a change.

So you’re ready to clean out and clear out!

But…you’re frazzled, overwhelmed, over-worked, stressed by a demanding career or family issues and don’t have one more single minute of time or energy to devote to clearing out your home. You think, “I’ll just put it all in a storage unit until we can figure out what to do with it.” It seems like a simple solution. But could it be costing much more than it’s worth?

Let’s take a look at the cost of storage units in the Bay area. We did a comparative cost evaluation among these three companies: Bay Area Storage, Self-Storage, and Spare Foot. All prices were very comparable, within a few dollars of each other. We chose a 10 foot by 10 foot unit that would most likely be able to hold about 2 rooms worth of furniture and accessories.

Daly City 10 x 10        $261= $3,132 a year

Alameda 10 x 10         $239 = $2,868 a year

Berkeley 10 x 10         $233 = $2,796 a year

San Fran 10 x 10        $281 = $3,372 a year

Oakland 10 x 10         $172 = $2,064 a year

That’s a lot of cash! Think about what you could use that extra $2,000-3,000 a year on. A good size family vacation or a great investment for a savings/college account. And most people keep items in storage 3+ years since after it is in the unit you no longer have to see the clutter daily and the thought of having to clear out the self storage unit is daunting and agonizing.

Plus, on top of the storage costs, you’re also going to have to spend more money to rent a truck to haul your stuff to the unit. A ten-foot truck from U-Haul is about $165 for a few hours (depends on the day of week, including gas, miles and insurance).

Then there’s your time. You’re looking at several hours (or a whole weekend?!) of back-breaking work. Do you have a dolly on-hand? How many friends are you going to have to persuade to help you lift, carry, and move your belongings with you?

And finally, your items will continue to depreciate in value while they are stored, an additional hidden cost.

And this was supposed to be the easy solution!

Now forget about all that.

What if it only took a few clicks to have everything handled for you at once without recurring future costs? That is where Remoov comes in! Our team will pick up everything that you want to declutter. We SELL any items that have good resale value; DONATE other items in good condition, and RECYCLE any items that don’t fall into the previous categories.

The only cost for Remoov is the upfront pickup fee based on the volume of items collected. That fee starts as low as $139 depending on where you live. For example, the pickup fee to clear the equivalent volume of a 10×10 storage unit might be around $500.

One pickup. One low price. Not only have you saved thousands of dollars a year but you have saved your sanity, made some cash back when items sell, and done the responsible action by donating or recycling those other items. So, make that call, schedule a pick-up and relax. You can feel good about the decision to save yourself time, money, and hassle!