You’re relocating, downsizing, redecorating, or in other words, you would like to get rid of some belongings and decide to call a junk hauler or mover.

But, are you aware of all the potential ramifications that one single call may entail? Let’s take a look at the darker underside of the junk hauling business and how it can impact your wallet, your community and, in aggregate, the planet.

Here’s a little secret that the Junk Hauling industry would rather you not know…

#1. Most Items They Pick Up End Up In Landfills

This is the day and age of environmental awareness and responsibility, thus we want to do the right thing in protecting our planet. But not everyone behaves that way, sometimes choosing ‘easy’ versus right. One glaring example is the amount of unwanted stuff that junk haulers unnecessarily thrown into landfills.

Up to 90% of items picked up by an average Junk Hauling company end up in a landfill

This is staggering!

With the average American producing about 3 pounds per day or 1,058 pounds per year of garbage, every little bit that we can to do decrease our waste production can have a big impact in yearly totals.

#2. And Landfills Are Simply Bad For The Environment

Greenhouse gases warm the earth’s atmosphere and planet’s surface, which is one of the main causes of the devastating weather effects around the globe, including the raging wildfires in California. Landfills and waste incineration produce a large portion of these gases. This is another reason to not use a traditional junk hauler, where your unwanted belongings might just end up directly in the dump and have lasting negative effects for decades into the future.

#3. The Junk Hauler Money Pit

Looking over reviews for traditional junk haulers, there are some pretty awful stories of folks being taken advantage of, hidden fees, and other scams to steal away your cash. Some of the tricks used include:

·   A ‘free on-site estimate’ to draw you in, get you to add more stuff on, then shake you down for more than they quoted once the truck is loaded.

·   Some removal companies charge by volume in an effort to get away with charging you more.

·   Hidden ‘service’ fees once you get the invoice.

·       Must have you for an in-person for a pre-service appointment, using sales tactics to get you to spend more than necessary.

Is there a better option? We’re going to be a little biased and say yes!

Remoov is a hands down better decision for you than a junk hauler for many reasons:

  1. A conservative estimate shows that 50% of the items Remoov picks up are sold, providing you with 50% of the proceeds from that sale. 
  2. 75-80% of our picked up items never end up in the landfill (they are either sold, donated, or recycled), sparing the earth from more junk and pollutants.
  3. The average customer that gives Remoov an item breaks even on their pickup. If they give more than one item, they make money. 
  4. Remoov has been in business since 2014. They are professional, licensed, and insured. Many junk haulers are start-ups or weekend operations without the type of proper coverage they need to protect you and your items.

Remoov promotes the circular economy and a green alternative to junk hauling. In one simple step, they pick everything that you want to sell, donate, and recycle including furniture, electronics, appliances, art, clothing, etc. You receive proceeds from the sale of your items, and the receipts from tax-deductible donations.


Remoov is the superior, hassle free alternative to junk hauling:

1.  Remoov offers a sustainable, responsible and financially advantageous alternative to traditional junk hauling

2.  Not only will you save money, but you can actually make money with Remoov

3.  Remoov’s entire operation is turnkey, painless, and hassle-free. In one simple step, Remoov picks up and sells, donates or recycles your unwanted items

Whether you are moving, downsizing, clearing an estate, emptying a storage unit, redecorating your home, or just looking to sell your stuff, Remoov can help! 

To receive your FREE estimate, visit Remoov, or call / text:

·   (415) 857-2791 for our San Francisco service area

·   (480) 542-0442 for our greater Phoenix service area

Infographic - What are landfills comprised of