Alternatives to Dumping, Including Reselling & Upcycling

In the midst of a stressful move, downsizing a home or office, or dealing with a loved one’s estate, taking the simpler route of throwing away unwanted items seems easy. But the ramifications to your environment are more serious than you might know. Plus, you may actually be throwing good hard cash right into the dumpster!

  • How do you dispose of furniture, electronics & other unwanted items? 
  • If not to the dump, where do you take them? 
  • Are there other options?

Resell (Make Some Cash), Upcycle, Recycle, or Donate


You’ve probably heard of consignment stores, thrift shops, vintage boutiques,online market shops – these are all places that give your items a second life while offering you some dinero in exchange. It’s technically called ‘reselling’ or working out a consignment deal with a reseller who handles the transactions on your behalf. This is of course the first choice when wanting to dispose of items.


Next best option is to ‘upcycle’. Upcycling is defined by taking something old and giving it new life. Turning wine corks into a bulletin board, wooden pallets into outdoor furniture, an old dresser into a flower display as part of a garden motif. The ideas are endless and involve a lot of creation. You can do this yourself or post your giveaway items on local marketplace groups and such to give others the chance to upcycle your unwanted things.


Pay it forward by offering these items charities and receive a tax deduction. Items given to local nonprofits and donation centers, help your community while reducing landfill waste. Many nonprofit organizations use furniture for offices, break-rooms, and meeting spaces. There are also several shelters and agencies that provide household goods for families in need as well.


Number one, let’s look at the importance of recycling versus simply dumping items. Our  environment is in a fragile place and needs attention and care from every one of us. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the benefits of recycling are:

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
  • Helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in United States 

And more specifically, when looking at a report on the importance of recycling old furniture, the EPA notes in one year: “…that furniture accounted for 9.8 million tons (4.1 percent) of household waste.” 

That’s A Lot of Work!

The many options listed above are valuable solutions, but can also be time consuming to research where things go, to list and try and sell items on your own, to haul large pieces to donation sites, etc. etc.

There is a service that will DO ALL OF IT FOR YOU in one pick -up! The best option for you, your wallet, your community, and the environment is a proper decluttering service; one that provides great customer service and a hassle-free experience. Remoov is Phoenix and the Bay Area’s top hauling service, offering a free estimate on the cost of removal and the potential resale value of all the items you’ll be passing on to their next owners.

Large Resale Warehouse

A subdivision of Remoov, is ‘Reperch’; this is the consignment store where used furniture (and everything else) goes to get a second life. More than a consignment store, items sold at The Local Flea are inspected and listed for sale online as well as in the actual store. Every purchase contributes to our mission of sustainability.  

If an item doesn’t sell, Remoov will then donate it to charity, or it might be better suited for a recycling facility, where things are disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. In other words, your unwanted items do not have to end up in a landfill. 

Whether you’re searching for how to get rid of a couch; the best means for couch disposal or couch removal; is furniture on consignment the answer for me; or furniture disposal and removal in the Bay and Phoenix areas, Remoov is the right answer all around. We make sure that your old items end up in the right place!

Only we provide a complete, eco-friendly solution. 


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