The sustainable industry provides a booming and diverse scope of professions that are focused on supplying the world with energy in a green manner. More than engineering related careers, sustainable jobs are quite diverse in environmental departments, ranging from positions in fields of energy, solar, management, water, wind, nuclear, and air to mention a few.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Although their specific career paths might differ, sustainability professionals promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and profitability.” Careers in science, humanities, polities, and economics all fall under the sustainable headline, which is on the forefront of inventing new, more environmentally and socially responsible technologies and services.

Green professions in the sustainability world are frequently engaged in looking for ways to save businesses money by running more efficiently thru conserving resources thus saving profits in the long run. It’s the ideal convergence of environment, economics, and social and cultural issues. What’s referred to as the “triple bottom line” of people, profits, and planet.

Sustainability & Green Job Description

Thankfully as the world continues to become more educated and collectively looks to live on a healthy planet, jobs in the green sustainable industry are exploding. Careers cover a wide area of the professional field. Even though occupations vary greatly, all members share some common principles and central responsibilities. Some of those include:

  • Compile recommendation reports 
  • Regulatory agency consultation
  • Environmental document management
  • Excell at extending funding and human resources
  • Handle project challenges beyond set parameters
  • LEED certification applications and processes
  • Monitor operations to ensure compliance
  • Policy consultation
  • Political comprehension at the the local and federal levels
  • Quality assurance oversight
  • Support in environmental management needs
  • Work directly with government and civilian clients

Unlike other management careers, green job business strategy solely focuses on environmentally sustainable solutions. Professionals in this field will likely take part in directing some of the following agendas:

  • Define project scope and standard outcomes
  • Follow technical compliance guidelines
  • Interact at public events
  • Monitor projects: budget, schedule, deliverables
  • Outline environmental guidelines for business planning
  • Outline procedures and practices for green initiatives
  • Provide leadership and strategy
  • Sustainability program comprehension, measurement, and strategy

Careers Definitions with Links for More Info:


Bachelor’s degree, and usually a graduate, plus years of experience in related fields are needed for higher paying careers in these fields. This interdisciplinary field doesn’t have one clear path, so those interested in green livelihoods can follow a path in clean energy, education, business, technology, management, or even political science.

  • Engineers- bachelor’s degree in environmental or chemical engineering fields. 
  • Managers- can come from business administration, environmental sciences, law or other business backgrounds. 


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the highest salaries in green careers are in the management and engineering fields.

  • Atmospheric & space scientists: $89,000
  • Chief sustainability executives: $167,000
  • Chemical engineers: $93,000
  • Civil engineers: $78,000
  • Environmental engineers: $79,000
  • General and operations managers: $95,000
  • Industrial engineers: $77,000
  • Industrial production managers: $88,000
  • Health & safety engineers: $75,000
  • Natural sciences managers: $115,000

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