A Guide for Effectively & Smoothly Moving Your Office Space

Moving and downsizing an office, like any move, can be stressful. Here is the ultimate outline of tips and resources to help reduce stress and create a smooth transition for everyone.                                   

COUNTDOWN: 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO MOVING                                                    

  1. Review current office space lease terms to plan to move out.
  2. Research and evaluate movers (resources listed below).
  3. Assemble a moving team and delegate clear responsibility and authority.
  4. Set a moving date.
  5. Communicate moving schedules with your associates and outline expected goals.
  6. Evaluate new office space: are any repairs required?
  7. Research and schedule contractors, repair persons, and interior designers if prudent.
  8. Order any new furniture, blinds, equipment if needed. Eco-Green option here.
  9. Sell any used furniture, blinds, equipment if not needed.
  10. Complete IT infrastructure plan (servers, Internet cabling, router location).
  11. Complete interior concept design and layout. 
  12. Complete design of staff workstations.
  13. Draft a preliminary office seating chart with team leads.
  14. Create a contact sheet for all companies you are working with for the move. 
  15. Determine whether any repair tasks, such as painting and patching, must be completed before moving out.

COUNTDOWN: 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO MOVING                                                            

  1. Confirm with the moving company and the moving date.
  2. Schedule a walkthrough of the new and old office with the movers.                                      
  3. Perform an initial deep cleaning in the current office.
  4. Clean-out and organize all files and paperwork.
    1. Shred sensitive documents.
    2. Sell, donate, or recycle furniture and other discards that you no longer need. All in one help here.
    3. Make a plan for e-waste disposal.
  5. Confirm delivery date on any new furniture or appliances ordered. 
  6. If new signage, banners, or painted logos are needed, source vendors and order.  
  7. Schedule repair and maintenance for final move out.
  8. Plumbing and electrical hook up heating and cooling systems.
  9. Get ready for the IT setup.
  10. Confirm the new building’s move-in regulations and notify them about your moving plans.  
  11. Confirm moving date and logistics with new property management company including:
    1. When the office can start accepting your deliveries.
    2. Available moving hours.
    3. Freight elevator availability; reserve dates.
    4. Access if padding and protection for elevators, walls, and floors is necessary.
    5. COI policies.                                   
  12. Create a list of service providers to notify about your move. They may include:
    1. Utility companies.
    2. Insurance providers.
    3. IT and phone companies.
    4. Corporate bank and credit card company.
    5. Subscription services.
    6. Service providers and suppliers: any food vendors, caterers, or office supplies.

COUNTDOWN: 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO MOVING                                                            

  1. Paint the new offices.
  2. Install and connect large appliances.
  3. Test smoke alarms and update if necessary.
  4. Set up IT and security systems.
  5. Confirm new office cleaning schedule. 
  6. Finalize seating and layout charts with the company’s team managers.                                             
  7. Decide how storage closets will be allocated and utilized in the new office.                      
  8. Secure packing supplies: boxes, protective wrap, packing tape, labels, sharpies.
  9. Brainstorm and plan welcome activities for the new office.


  1. Ensure electrical, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and internet are set up and functioning.
  2. Deep clean new office space to clean up after any construction or maintenance.                                                
  3. Don’t forget the windows.
  4. Set up new decor items: office art and plants.
  5. Communicate to staff packing personal workstations or offices and moving day policies, such as working from home or half day time, etc.  
  6. Provide employees with packing materials; reminder to label their monitors and other electronics that will be moved.                                        
  7. Uninstall large items such as TVs, shelves, whiteboards, and signage to prepare for movers. 
  8. Set up mail forwarding with USPS for your new office.
    1. Send out a mass “change of address” announcement to client list.
  9. Update office policies for the new office.                                   
  10. Pack any sensitive files that will need to be moved separately.
  11. Brief “point people” throughout the move on their tasks, whether that’s arriving early at the new space or staying behind in the old.
  12. Review and finalize moving day logistics and contact information. 
  13. Reconfirm timeframe with movers and other key personnel.   


  1. Touch base early in the morning to review logistics with movers and colleagues.  
  2. Complete a walkthrough of the old office to ensure everything has been removed.           
  3. Move and set up all essential furniture.
  4. Move any sensitive files separately.
  5. Set up monitors, computers, printers, and phones.
  6. Check all power, ethernet, and phone cables are in place and functional.
    1. Check internet and other system functionality.
  7. Place each box on employees’ desks for unpacking.
  8. Set up conference rooms including whiteboards, TVs, and video conferencing systems.
  9. Unpack kitchen and lounge areas.
    1. Set up amenities such as water coolers and coffee machines.
  10. Ensure bathrooms are stocked with supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.
  11. Breakdown moving boxes and packing materials for recycling or trash removal.

POST MOVE: NEW OFFICE                          

  1. Plan a welcome breakfast or lunch so employees can connect in the new office.
  2. Have floor plan and seating chart available as employees arrive to help them find their way to their new desk.
  3. Include a tour of the full space.
    1. Point out important details such as emergency exits and review any new office policies.
  4. Plan a fun, post-moving relaxation activity, such as yoga, chair massages, or meditation.
  5. Set up recurring services for your new space; specialty cleaning: carpes, floor buffing, trash removal, window washing, etc.
    1. Catering and snack delivery services.
    2. Wellness services such as meditation and yoga.
  6. Set up a survey to collect employee feedback and requests for the new office.
  7. Take professional photos of the new office

POST MOVE: OLD OFFICE                                                           

  1. Clean out old space.
  2. Remove any junk such as boxes and old furniture.
  3. Complete necessary minor repairs and paint touch-ups as required by lease.
  4. Schedule a final walkthrough with the landlord or property manager and hand over the keys. 





Remote Work Options

It may be necessary to get temporary work space for some of your team.  A great alternative are shared and co-working spaces rented on an as-needed basis. For others that may be working from home ask if they need things to set up the home office.

One-Stop-Decluttering Service: Remoov

Remoov is the all-in-one upcycling service.  With one pickup we collect everything that you want to sell, donate and dispose of, including furniture, electronics, decor, appliances and more.  You receive 50% of the resale value as well as donation receipts. To get a free estimate go to remoovit.com to upload photos or call us at 415-847-2791. Remoov is fully insured and has experience working with all types of projects from residential, small to large offices. 


If your new office space is in need of desks, chairs, monitors, computers, and a host of so much more, our second-hand warehouse in San Francisco and Phoenix, The Local Flea, has everything you will need. By shopping recovered products, you are engaging in a circular economy which ultimately reduces negative impacts on our environment.

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