The Best Consignment Option in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Miami

Consignment buying and selling have a multitude of benefits. It’s easy. It’s environmentally friendly, and you can source name-brand high-quality items for half the price of new. On the buying side, the affordability of procuring excellent home and office consignment goods is the number one reason many people choose to shop for previously loved items. On the selling side, partnering with a professional home and office consignment company, like The Local Flea, releases you from all stress and hassle associated with listing, marketing, and dealing with buyers over your items. The Local Flea (TLF) is one of the country’s leading home and office consignment businesses with an eco-conscious mission at its core. As the showrooms are filled by the sister company, Remoov which is a home, office, and estate hauling and selling service. If any item is unsellable, Remoov will donate it to charity or responsibly recycle it instead of the product ending up in landfills.

  • TLF showrooms and consignment furniture stores are located in the Bay Area C.A., Phoenix A.Z., and Miami F.L. and are expanding every year. 
  • Each outlet offers home furnishings, extensive furniture collections, home decor, sports and musical equipment, electronics, beautiful art, and accessories all at consignment pricing. 
  • The Local Flea’s inventory is continually updated and changes often. 
  • Customers love to hunt for bargains and add high-quality furnishings and décor to their homes. 
  • Offices, organizations, and other small business love to find everything they need to set up their workplaces.
  • Whether you’re selling furniture, looking to purchase a high-quality gently used appliance, or need to outfit your new business office, The Local Flea has huge showrooms filled with incredible products to satisfy all your needs.

Why Sell With A Home And Office Consignment Store

Basically, it’s all about living a stress-free life. Allowing a consignment store to pick up all your goods, photograph, list, AND market your items is worth sharing a percentage of the profits.

  • It’s a great way to get some cash back after you’ve gone through a moving, cleaning, downsizing, or decluttering process.
  • To repeat, you can get money for your items. Selling any stuff with a home and office consignment store gives you one of the best opportunities to make some cash (especially if you’re working with a professional service like The Local Flea).
  • Plus you’re doing a good thing by partaking in YOUR local economy. Supporting small businesses in your city is a great way for your local economy to thrive.

Why Purchase From A Home And Office Consignment Store

  • It’s hard to list the benefits in order of importance because there a quite a few positive reasons, but for most folks, it’s about great prices coupled with great quality.
  • Large showroom-type home and office consignment shops usually offer a variety of recognizable name-brand products, plus those unusual and unique pieces that can’t be found at your big chain companies.
  • It’s a great eco-friendly option. By buying secondhand you’re saving an enormous amount of resources that would go into making a new product. From raw materials to energy, transportation, and more. Keeping items in working use and condition is a sustainable action and part of an earth-saving circular economy.
  • Support local businesses. Buying local means your dollars stay in your community and benefit everyone involved, from the business owner and all other affected by that cash staying in the community.

The Advantages of Home And Office Consignment with The Local Flea.

  1. The parent company, Remoov, comes to your home or office and will pick up everything that you want to sell on consignment.
  2. They photograph each item in the studio; a team of seasoned appraisers will research each piece to determine the fair market price range. 
  3. TLF markets the heck out of your item and lists it on multiple marketplaces to maximize the number of eyes on your items. 
  4. Your consignment item is highlighted in the showroom at The Local Flea where hundreds of people come to shop every week.
  5. You will get paid 50% of the resale value of all items that are sold.

Beginning Your Consignment Selling: Text Or Call That’s All

Remoov’s full-service offering makes it simple to upcycle and declutter and start your home and office consignment. 

  1. Submit Photos– The photos are used to determine the pickup volume and assess which items can be resold, donated, or disposed of. Upload photos on the website, via text, or, for large pickups, they can do an in-home appointment at your location to take the photos. Make sure to include information such as the brand, original price, and age of your more valuable items.
  1. Get Estimate & Schedule– You will receive an estimate, including the cost of the pickup and a resale decision of your items, within one business day. If you believe an item was incorrectly appraised or if you need to add/remove items you can click on the Update Estimate button. You can book your pickup by clicking the link in your text/e-mail.
  1. Pickup Date- The Remoov team will arrive during the window you selected. You will receive a text notification when the team is about a half hour from your location. If you need to add items the team lead can add them by sending a photo to our quick appraisal team. At the end of the pick-up, you will be able to pay for the pick-up via credit card.
  1. Progress After Pickup– You will receive an email with a link to your “Dashboard” where you can track the status of your items and cash out on sales. When you receive this email make sure to log in and verify that everything that was collected is listed.

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