Regional winners recognized for their environmentally-conscious operations


Remoov™, a recognized leader in home and commercial decluttering for furniture, electronics, appliances and more, is pleased to announce its 2022 Sustainability Partners of the Year for their Phoenix and Bay Area regions. The companies named are recognized as trailblazing leaders that value environmentally consciousness and prioritize eco-friendly practices in the day-to-day administration of their businesses.

The Sustainability Partners for the Year for each region are:

PHOENIX REGION: Get Organized with Bridges + Co. – A Phoenix, Ariz. based personal and professional space organizer helping to declutter areas in homes and offices by determining whether goods can be reused and sold at consignment, donated to non-profits for charitable use, or responsibly disposed to minimize environmental impact. Founded by CEO Bridges Conner, Get Organized with Bridges + Co. works one-on-one with every client to provide a customized organizing plan to help declutter and streamline spaces, eliminating the hassle associated with recapturing the value for the items no longer needed. “It is an honor to receive the Sustainability Partner of the Year award from Remoov,” Conner said. “This is a wonderful validation of our efforts to put sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of how we operate. Remoov’s ‘upcycling’ efforts are in total alignment with our businessethics and how we work with our clients.”

BAY AREA REGION: Let Me Organize It – Lauren Mang, Principal and Certified Professional Organizer at Let Me Organize It, has been keeping her Bay Area clients organized for more than 10 years, listing her mission as “creating harmonious domestic spaces and productive work environments that reduce stress, help make you more efficient, and make you feel balanced.” Let Me Organize It consults with and assist clients on the overall organization and decluttering of their home and office spaces. “When I started my organizing business and began to see all that people have to offload, I realized that many items didn’t have to be destined for the landfill,” said Mang. “I’m grateful to be partnered with Remoov in the promise to do our part to spread knowledge around sustainability, and promote ecofriendly accountability with the greater community. I’m truly honored to be recognized with this award.”


Remoov serves its customers by picking up items no longer desired and reselling them in their affiliated consignment shops, donating them to local non-profits, or otherwise recycling these items. As consumer demands shift towards using upcycled or previously-owned furniture, appliances and electronics, consignment shops like The Local Flea, with stores in Phoenix and San Francisco (owned and operated by Remoov), are striving to keep their showrooms full for shoppers. Adding to the growing demand are the supply chain disruptions that have plagued the retail industry in the wake of the pandemic.

Remoov uses key industry metrics to measure the impact of its sustainability initiatives, and in 2022 reported that:

● 677.4 metric tons of waste were diverted from landfills by recycling!

● Remoov reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) impact by 110.9 metric tons!

● Remoov’s recycling efforts resulted in a “tree absorption equivalent” of 18,461 trees!

“Both of the companies that we recognized with our Sustainability Partner of the Year award are wonderful examples of how operating their business can also have a positive impact not only on their customers, but on the planet as a whole,” said Luis Perez, founder, and CEO of Local Flea and its parent company Remoov. “We’ve worked closely with both organizations, and we’re incredibly pleased to honor them with our award.”

Remoov CEO and founder Luis Perez saw opportunity in the pandemic, seized it and hauled it to the bank, or the dump.

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